Wednesday, April 8, 2009

4-20mA Pressure Transducer Circuit

Complete 4-20mA Pressure Transducer Solution with
PGA309 and XTR117

The XTR117 is a precision current output converter designed
to transmit analog 4-20mA signals over an industry-standard
current loop. It provides accurate current scaling and output
current limit functions.

XTR117 datasheet pdf

The PGA309 is a programmable analog signal conditioner
designed for bridge sensors. The analog signal path amplifies
the sensor signal and provides digital calibration for
zero, span, zero drift, span drift, and sensor linearization
errors with applied stress (pressure, strain, etc.). The calibration
is done via a One-Wire digital serial interface or
through a Two-Wire industry-standard connection. The
calibration parameters are stored in external nonvolatile
memory (typically SOT23-5) to eliminate manual trimming
and achieve long-term stability.

PGA309 datasheet pdf

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